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Manual Sex Manual
Chapter 3

Another little technique some women go absolutely wild for, is tapping your thumb gently against her clitoris while you push your fingers in and out of her. If this is done with both hands, it generates very powerful erotic sensations, and if she is very close to the edge, can elicit a thundering orgasm that will leave you both profoundly moved.

I can't over-stress the importance of the communication and trust in advancing the cause of each other's sexual pleasure. If you notice her enjoying something, you might whisper into her ear and ask her if that feels good. She may find it sexy. Not all women are into talking dirty when they are engaged in sex, but a simple heartfelt enquiry as to her own pleasure usually goes over well with almost anyone. You'll get a feel for it by her response. She may even become quite vocal about what she wants you to do for her.

If manual stimulation is continued to the point of orgasm, it can produce quite powerful results. Immediately following her orgasm, you should probably slow down your hand movements, particularly on her clitoris, which can suddenly become very sensitive immediately following climax. Many women prefer a constant gentle overall pressure against the entire vulva following orgasm, but some are capable of continuing on to another, or even several more orgasms. If your girlfriend is multi-orgasmic, you may be the one that needs the break here. Giving a woman good manual sex can tax a variety of small muscles not normally used, and can be quite tiring. Take a rest, or change hands if you need to. It shouldn't hurt you to make her feel good.


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