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Reading Female Signals
Chapter 2

Once you have determined that this initial non-verbal communication has been successful, you have to make the next move, although (ideally) she may surprise you and make it first. This is the moment we all have trouble with… crossing the gulf between yourself and the woman in whom you are interested. Here are a few tips on how to best accomplish this in the most common of scenarios: the bar. Of course you can ask the woman you are interested in to dance, but this is often not an effective way to determine her receptiveness to your advances as most women will accept, regardless of their level of interest. It is almost always better to ask a woman to dance after you have gotten to know her a little, should the situation permit. If the place is crowded (and hopefully not too noisy) and people have to approach the bartender to obtain a drink, you may want to position yourself such that she must approach your location when she orders her next beverage. Women aren't stupid, they'll see you there and take the bait if they are interested. When she approaches, you have many options, but which you choose at this point will determine your chances for success. If you hand her a cheesy line, you'll probably find (unless she's a cheesy woman) you'll crash and burn. Here's something you can try: if she's wearing something of interest, comment on it... as long as it will allow for a conversational segue. An example of this happened to me just yesterday. A woman approached me at the bar who was wearing a hat with the Gibson guitar company logo on it. I began with "Cool hat." She smiled and said "thanks", to which I responded "do you play guitar?" This opened things up and gave her an excuse to remain and continue the conversation instead of feeling awkward about some compliment from a total stranger. Make certain you have something to talk about - what ever the topic, which will let her know you are interested in her but not seem like a psycho stalker or bumbling idiot. Make sure the subject matter is of sufficient merit to continue the conversation beyond the first minute. Saying "hi there" without having something else to follow with will be met with a "hi", an awkward silence, and a hasty retreat by the female in question. Be casual… but not indifferent. While you don't want to scare her off with overt enthusiasm at the outset, you want to ensure that she knows you're not talking to her for the good of your health either. As your conversation progresses it's time to start looking for more signals:

  • You will notice that as interest increases your body positions will gradually shift from a "V" shape with your shoulders facing outward from each other at a 45 degree angle from the bar to a direct face-to-face stance with your shoulders parallel.

  • As the conversation continues, you will be able to further gauge interest by noticing whether she leans in toward you and or not and her hand gestures are predominately made with her palms open and facing upward. These are often clear indications of openness to your attentions. Interested women will additionally often idly play with their hair, jewelry, drinking glass or other inanimate object within their reach while they are speaking to you. If this is the case, you may find you will soon be moving to the next stage:



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