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Reading Female Signals

So you think women are hard to figure out? Are you constantly left wondering what they are thinking… and if it might involve you? Well, when it comes to deciphering signals of sexual interest you are in luck my friend as the following article will discuss these matters in detail.

Why is it, when this subject has been studied for literally thousands of years, that most of us are still clueless about the level of female interest in us - despite the fact that women may give out over 50 clear signals indicating exactly that? You'd think nothing would be easier than figuring this out, right? Well, unfortunately the signals are often subtle… it's not like women turn bright red when you catch their eye… or do they? Given the correct information, you should readily be able to discern whether or not the object of your desire is feeling similarly interested in you. Here are some of the telltale signs in general order of occurrence:

  • Eye contact is your first clue. You can generally tell which women in the room are potentially interested in pursuing some form of male companionship by how they take in the situation. Women who are interested often scan the room upon entering in a broad sweep over the course of a couple of minutes, gradually focusing in on prospective partners. If a woman gazes at you for about three seconds and then looks away repeatedly (often in sets of three), it may be generally construed as initial interest. Then again, you have to pay attention to the context: if she's looking at you because you're making a fool of yourself, chances are it's just curiosity as to "who is this idiot?!" If her facial expression is relaxed or (even better) smiling and she begins to look for longer periods, you can infer that she is indeed curious for the right reason.

  • Parading is another behavior that is often seen among females looking for a mate. This involves the woman (or small group of women) walking across the bar using posture which emphasizes their breasts and buttocks. They will exaggerate their hip movements and additionally often appear oblivious to the man they are trying to attract… that is, until she gets to where she is going and then turns around to gauge the effectiveness of her display. If you notice parading, pay close attention to which male she looks at first after she has finished her journey - if it's you, you may be in luck.

  • Other non-verbal cues include: the hair toss, eye brow flash, licking the lips, and exposing the neck (with her head tilted about 45 degrees) to the man she's interested in. Also applying lipstick, smiling, giggling and pouting are common behaviors exhibited by females desirous of male companionship.

  • Additionally, you may look for these tell-tale signals: women will often appear very animated in conversations with their friends… using plenty of arm and hand gestures when they are trying to attract some attention. They may also hike their skirt slightly or smooth their clothing unnecessarily in an effort to draw a particular man's eye.



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