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20 Great Dating Ideas
Best Date Ideas Ideas for Dating
  1. Have a midnight picnic under the stars. Be sure to surprise your date with this one…tell them you have to stop somewhere on your way to the movie or whatever your ruse is and then drive to your secluded location for the surprise. Rooftop decks, parks, back yards, and even indoors by candlelight are great places to have an evening picnic… but be sure to bring some bug spray should conditions require!

  2. Go on a hot air balloon ride. This is extremely romantic but rather expensive so save it for a special occasion.

  3. Attend a wine tasting. This not only makes you seem cultured (assuming you know what you're doing) but if you swallow (which you aren't supposed to), you'll both leave certainly more amorous than when you came!

  4. Go to an amusement park. A recent scientific study concluded that couples who share exciting experiences (particularly those involving danger - real or perceived) bond more closely and for longer periods than those who do not.

  5. Go white-water rafting! See above regarding danger.

  6. If you live in the right climate, travel to a sugar bush in the Spring to see how maple syrup is made. Many of these have pancake eateries which can't be beat for fresh taste.

  7. Rent or purchase a good telescope and share a great view of the heavens with your date - preferably on a high hill with a vista of the town or city below.

  8. Cook your date a great meal. This will not only impress as to your culinary competence, but a satisfying meal is often an excellent prelude to physical romance and may also include aphrodisiacs!

  9. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows - romantic and fun.

  10. Go to the symphony or attend an opera or ballet. Read # 3 re: culture.


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