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20 Great Dating Ideas
Chapter 2

11. Attend a murder mystery dinner. These are usually great dates as the food is generally good, the atmosphere is fun and there is never an uncomfortable lull in the conversation.

12. Take your partner on a boat cruise. There are many cities located on bodies of water which support this type of activity - pretend you're a tourist exploring the area for the first time.

13. Hire a horse drawn carriage and take a tour of the town.

14. Create a scavenger hunt in your home and hide little gifts or jokes at each point along the way. Obviously a good one for more established relationships.

15. Go canoeing or kayaking on a secluded lake or river. Remember bug spray!

16. If gambling is legal in your area, go to a casino - riverboat based establishments are more romantic, but any casino can be if you take the time to dress up and pretend you're a high roller.

17. Take a ballroom dancing class. Many establishments offer free introductory lessons… always good for a laugh, and the intimacy of dancing certainly increases your odds later on in the evening.

18. Go to a zoo or aquarium - interesting and fun.

19. Visit a planetarium. This allows you the cover of darkness similar to a movie but can be infinitely more romantic.

20. Try indoor rock-climbing. This activity, while very safe, lends the perception of daring to your date and allows you to build trust as each bears responsibility for the safety of the other.

Hopefully these will help and additionally provide the stimulus for you to come up with your own great ideas. Stay tuned for more dating suggestions in future columns. Had a great date or fantastic date idea? - submit it here.


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