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The Secrets to Prolong Sex
Combat Premature EjaculationLast Forever In Bed

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One of the most common complaints among women in reference to their lover's sexual performance is the lack of stamina exhibited by them in bed. It is very common for males to ejaculate in well under 5 minutes when engaged in intercourse or receiving oral sex. This is frequently a problem, as most women take significantly longer to achieve orgasm, leaving them frustrated and unfulfilled. Additionally, this causes feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt and low self-esteem among men. So what do we do about it?

First of all, throw all your negative feelings surrounding premature ejaculation (PE) out the window! Man is genetically programmed to ejaculate quickly. In prehistoric times, he would have to engage in intercourse at his peril - while occupied propagating the species, he may well be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger or some such predator. So, it's not your fault! If you experience PE, it simply means that this genetic trait (once desirable to avoid predation) has been passed down to you from a successful ancestor. As a result, there is absolutely no sense in feeling badly about it. Would you feel guilty about being born with brown hair vs. blonde? Of course not, as this is simply a genetic trait passed to you by your parents. Fortunately, just as you may do something about your hair color, you can certainly train your body to prolong sexual activity in advance of ejaculation.

There are many techniques which you may utilize in order to increase sexual stamina. The first thing you should remember in any case is to SLOW DOWN! Not only will this increase the time in advance of ejaculation but also address one of the other more common complaints among women: the fact that men often (once inside their partners) just bang away with reckless abandon, without any concern as to how the woman is enjoying the pace. Women often prefer a much slower tempo than men, especially at first, as it takes them significantly more time to become thoroughly aroused and thereafter achieve orgasm. If you slow down, your partner will generally appreciate it and it will allow you the opportunity to use some of the following techniques to further increase your sexual longevity.

One of the most effective physical methods of prolonging sex is to vigorously flex your abdominal muscles periodically during intercourse. This works by drawing blood and (more importantly) your attention away from your genitals. Ensure you hold the flex for about 5 seconds or so. Don't wait until you are about to have an orgasm to do this, as it will be significantly less effective once you have passed a certain threshold. Just keep it in mind that you will flex your abs every minute or so during sex and you will find that it helps quite a bit. Not only will this technique help with PE, it'll give you an ab workout (always good) and looks sexy to your partner to boot (especially if you have nicely defined abdominal muscles).


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