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The Secrets to Prolonging Sex
Chapter 2

Another technique which you may use in conjunction with the ab squeeze is to perform Kegel exercises while you are having sex. Kegels involve flexing the PC muscle. If you aren't sure what muscle this is, you can find it by stopping urination in mid-flow… the muscle you use to perform this is your pubococcygeus or PC. Using the same timing structure as the ab flex, perform your Kegels periodically as you engage in sexual activities and you will certainly enhance your stamina. Although less effective for some than the ab flex, when used in conjunction and when practiced regularly, Kegel exercises are definitely beneficial. They not only can help to prolong the sex act, but additionally serve to help you achieve maximum erectile strength, prevent incontinence, allow for stronger urinations, increase ejaculate, create stronger orgasms and best of all, permit the elusive male multiple orgasm. Read this article for further information on Kegel exercises. Belly breathing (from the diaphragm) directly after performing either the ab or PC flex additionally aids in prolonging time to orgasm. This type of respiration may also be used on its own to accomplish the same objectives, although it is less effective.

By far the most powerful sex organ is the mind. It stands to reason therefore, that if we can master our minds, we will have significantly more control over our sexual stamina. The most effective method of controlling and timing orgasm is to divert your attention to another topic. I'm sure you have heard of or tried to "think of something else" while engaged in intercourse. This isn't very helpful as in the heat of passion it's often hard to dream up subject matter to otherwise occupy your imagination. Therefore, we're going to tell you what to think about! The following is a simple and yet very effective technique to prolong sex: perform mental mathematical calculations! The best way to do this we've found is to pick two numbers at random, and multiply them, then take the result and perform a random math operation on it with a further random number, for example: 3 times 8=24…
divided by 6=4…
plus 12= 16…
times 2= 32 minus 5=27 and so on.

This activity is mentally engrossing and uses a different part of your brain, thoroughly diverting your attention from the body's impulse to ejaculate and thus significantly prolonging time to orgasm.

There are also a variety of products designed to de-sensitize the penis and therefore prolong ejaculation including the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit). This is an excellent and very pleasurable way to train!

While all of these techniques are certainly effective if tried on occasion, they are significantly more so if practiced regularly. This means, every time you masturbate, you should make an effort to try them. This isn't just for practice mind you… the exercise will significantly increase the intensity of your orgasms, which is never a bad thing! This fact is due to the increased level of sexual tension you create by staving off ejaculation for as long as you can. Ejaculation can be a choice, not an involuntary reaction. Your partner will definitely approve and you'll obviously feel more confident regarding your sexual prowess. With all these benefits, why wouldn't you give these techniques a try? Best of luck and remember practice makes perfect!

For a great book on this subject matter check out Male Sexual Endurance: A Man's Book About Ejaculatory Control


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