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Cunnilingus Master Class
Chapter 4

If you are using cunnilingus as a prelude to intercourse, follow the above and add the following step:
As you decide (and it's appropriate with your partner's level of excitement) you wish to commence intercourse, keep your left hand inside her vagina, stimulate the clitoris with your thumb and simultaneously place your right hand just below her left armpit. Pull yourself up with this hand smoothly so that your penis is in the proper position to commence entry and slowly guide yourself inside. This move requires considerable upper body strength to pull off smoothly, so if you can't do at least 2-3 one-handed push ups, forget about it and try to transition to intercourse as smoothly as you can without interrupting clitoral stimulation.

So, to recap, here are the main points to remember:


  • Tease, tease, tease

  • Monitor your partner's breathing

  • Don't attempt vaginal penetration and subsequent G-Spot stimulation until your partner is already quite aroused

  • Be smooth in your motions - this requires considerable strength in some instances, but you should be in shape if you want to be a great lover!

  • The clitoris is extremely sensitive! Be aware of your partner's thresholds for clitoral stimulation and observe the associated limits

  • Don't rush towards intercourse, make cunnilingus the main course rather than an appetizer.

  • Don't be selfish - concentrate on pleasing your lover and she'll be more than happy to respond in kind.

Of course the very detailed description offered above is just one example of how to perform oral sex expertly, there are many variations and different women like different combinations at different times. Communication with your partner is therefore key to a healthy relationship, both sexually and emotionally. The preceding is also best utilized in an established relationship; as while the pacing leads to substantial orgasm enhancement, it is generally not associated with the frenzied passion of say, the first week or two of a new tryst. Now go do your homework!


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