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Cunnilingus Master Class

Do you think Casanova got his reputation as a legendary lover by being squeamish about exploring his partner's nether regions? Skilful oral sex - here's where the men are separated from the boys. If you want to truly connect with your lover, and leave her constantly coming back for more you'll pay special attention to the contents of this article. While the techniques described herein are only a few available in the toolkit of the accomplished lover, they form the basis of something which you may expand upon.

The first thing to remember is to SLOW DOWN! This is not an obligatory prelude to the real fun of intercourse. If your lady thinks you're not into it, she won't enjoy herself and probably begin to feel self-conscious - so why bother. If, on the other hand you savor the moment… give her the feeling that you'd love to do this all day, she'll feel special, sexy and relaxed. Relaxation is the key here - if your partner is tense, you're not going to get the desired effect.

So let's get to the technical aspects of being a great oral lover. We'll assume that you've got your partner into a state of arousal by slowly working on her erogenous zones for at least 5-10 minutes (preferably more (but this is covered in another article)), and that you've determined it's the correct time to proceed. Don't say to yourself "ok, now's the time" and immediately position yourself for action. You aren't sitting down to indulge in a Big Mac here. The idea is to create sufficient sexual tension in your partner which you will be relieving shortly. Women take a lot longer to become aroused than men and so even if you do manage to give her an orgasm, it will be lackluster without sufficient sexual tension being established before it is released. As you decide that it is time to proceed south, begin by kissing her from her breasts and moving downward SLOWLY. Be beside your partner, not on top… bend at the waist as you move lower - don't slide yet. Linger about her navel, all the while caressing your lover softly with your hands. As you move just below the navel to the very top of her pubic region, reverse direction and kiss your way back up, remembering to keep your hands active. She would have been thinking you're like just about every other guy she's been with that and you were going for the obligatory preliminaries - but you aren't - you're creating more tension by continuing to tease her. As you proceed back up, move your hand downward and caress her inner thighs. Trace around her pubic area, but don't touch it. As you continue to kiss, brush her pubic hair lightly with the back of your hand from time to time - but don't actually touch her genitals yet… it's all about building tension. After you figure she can't take any more teasing, resume your descent. Assuming you are on your right side, as you again bend at the waist (kissing and caressing all the while) grip her left thigh with your left hand and move your right leg beneath while supporting yourself on your right forearm. Next, move your left leg over top of hers and entwine as you gently and slowly slide yourself "inchworm" (bending at the waist first then sliding your legs downward to straighten your body) fashion down, kissing and caressing all the while (have I mentioned this already?!). None of your movements should appear awkward or hurried; smoothly transition between one position and the next.



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