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Getting That First Kiss
Chapter 2

Scenario 4: You can't deal with taking the risk of choosing the wrong scenario, so you just outright ask her if you can kiss her. This can be a dicey situation, because she will be relieved if she didn't want to, but if she did want to, you will be either considered to be a gentleman, or a complete dork. Your chances of a second date are 50/50. A potential remedy to this situation is not to ask but to tell. Say "I really would love to kiss you right now!" and begin moving in slowly until you get a reaction. If she moves toward you - you're in, if she reacts negatively, you can smile and say "clearly you'd rather I didn't though" and end the date. No damage done.

Scenario 5: You want to kiss her, and you think that she wants to kiss you, so you kiss her. You both had a great time and want to see each other again, so everybody's happy. You go out on more dates. Obviously ideal.

Scenario 6: You are uncertain of how things went and her opinion of you. Maybe things were a little awkward or she is shy. Don't go for the kiss right away - ask for a hug. Very few people will refuse a hug unless they despise you which you will discover immediately upon this occurrence. Hug the person firmly but tenderly and then as you finish draw away but still keep your arms around them and smile while looking into their eyes. If they pull away, let them go, but if they close their eyes, look down at your mouth or move toward you, it's time to kiss!

Scenario 7: You don't want to kiss her, but you think that she wants to kiss you, so you kiss her. She is happy that you kissed her and takes this to mean that you will go out with her again soon for many more nights of kissing that you don't really want. Ever seen fatal attraction? You're not doing either of you any favors! Go with your gut.

Did you make the right decision? Kissing is such a simple thing, why does initiating it have to be so complicated? Even the most knowledgeable ladies man needs some kind of sign or signal. There are some definite non verbal indications that a woman wants you to kiss her. Look for the following behaviors to help you figure it out:

1- She has dilated pupils (and not because it's dark).
2- She licks her lips.
3- She offers you gum or a breath mint on the way home and takes some herself
4- She gazes up at you with her head tilted downwards.
5- She twirls her hair.
6- She sits or stands closer to you than normal (within your personal area of space (even if you're not touching)).
7- She seems happily fidgety.
8- She starts to giggle.
9- She stalls saying goodbye.
10- You've made arrangements to go out again that she seemed very receptive to
11- She looks at you straight in the eye and holds the gaze for a longer period of time than normal.
12- She looks kind of dreamy and her breathing is more shallow

If you felt that up to this point the date was fairly successful overall, and you both had fun, your female friend probably enjoyed herself and wouldn't mind a kiss. It is a good idea to watch for one or more of the above behaviors to give you a clue as to whether your assumptions are correct. The best advice we can give is, be a man - if you want to, just kiss her! What's the worst that can happen? You want to avoid turning this person into her "new friend" - a very common occurrence if you chicken out on that first kiss. Good luck!


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