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Getting That First Kiss

You finally came up with the courage to ask her out on a date. You put a lot of thought into the restaurant you chose. You bought her flowers. You were well groomed and picked her up on time. You got through the whole meal with no embarrassing moments and you footed the bill.

As you pull up in front of her house, that awkward situation sneaks up on you and looms like a dark figure in the shadows of your psyche. To kiss her, or not to kiss her. You turn and look at her. You kill the car engine. She is sitting there looking at you and is contemplating what strategic move you'll come up with.

This is the whole point of the date. You didn't spend a whole evening trying impress and get to know a stranger for the sake of humanity. YOU WANT TO KISS HER! That is why you are sitting there with a dumb grin on your face, feeling extremely awkward.

If she reached out and grabbed you, then that would definitely mean that she wanted to kiss you too. Unfortunately, in the western world of adulthood , we've been successfully conditioned to repress our emotions and "behave" ourselves. You have to correctly guess what to do next. If you choose the incorrect option, the consequence will be that the evening would have better spent with the guys drinking beer, watching the game, because a second date will be out of the question if you don't choose wisely.

Scenario 1: You want to kiss her and you think that she wants to kiss you, so you kiss her. She thought you were an absolute goon all night and couldn't wait until the date was over. She can't believe that you had the audacity to kiss her. Now she's positive you're a goon, gets out of your clutches as soon as possible and exits the car and storms up her walk. The worst case scene of this scenario: she slaps your face on the way out of the car. Definitely no second date. Your loss - nothing… she wasn't for you anyway.

Scenario 2: You want to kiss her and you think that she wants to kiss you, so you kiss her. She had previously thought that the date had gone quite well up until this point. She is offended that you kissed her, because she thinks that you think that she is "easy". Only if you are very lucky can you talk your way out of this one by telling her how special the evening was. There is a slim chance for a second date if you are a good talker and you're persistent enough. Your loss if you don't get a second date? Nothing… who wants to go out with someone who can't handle a simple kiss?

Scenario 3: You want to kiss her, but you don't think that she wants to kiss you, so you don't kiss her. She had a wonderful time on the date and is hurt that you didn't kiss her, she thinks that you didn't like her, were not attracted to her or worse yet that you're a wimp. The only good part about this scenario is the fact that generally if you call her soon enough for a second date, she'll accept. The point? Kiss her you moron!



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