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Common Male Fantasies

Many women are completely perplexed by the sexual fantasies of men. In fairness, men are probably equally flummoxed by those of women. Yet, this needn't become problematic, and while you may never see eye to eye on each other's fantasy, you can attempt to understand them, and potentially use this knowledge to enhance your sex life.

While sexual fantasy remains a unique aspect of our individuality and therefore can be vastly different from one person to the next, a brief tour of any of the thousands of sites and newsgroups on the "weird wild web" will give you a pretty fair idea of the sort of things that constitute the common among male sexual fantasies. The very preponderance of male-oriented porn sites, as well as videos, magazines and strip clubs available today offers the first clue about the inner workings of the hetero male sexual psyche. Without question, the most common male sexual preoccupation, regardless of actual content, would fall under the heading of 'variety'. Quite simply put, men fantasize about other women.

No matter how great the sex is, it is virtually impossible for men, and indeed women to not fantasize about, or at least wonder about sex with someone other than their current partners. Behaviorists and psychologists theorize that the biological imperative to reproduce our own genes favors men having sex with more than one partner, and that this tendency may in fact be hard wired into the genes of men. Under the general heading of variety there are several subheadings that constitute common male fantasies.

The first is the fantasy of multiple partners. Many men report a fascination with the idea of making love to more than one woman at a time. Another quite common adjustment on the variety theme is the anonymous partner. There is something about the nameless, mysterious woman who reverses the stereotypical male role and turns the hunter into the hunted, that most men find appealing. It is probably worth mentioning that while these fantasies are common, indeed virtually uniform among men, they are never the less fantasies, and as such are seldom actually acted out. Just as we have all fantasized about launching a stinger missile at the jerk that cuts us off on the freeway, or adjusting the overbite of some obnoxious authority figure with our fist, we all accept that these things are generally best left in the realm of fantasy. Our conscience says, "Gee it sure would feel nice - but it's just not worth it."

While we can generally categorize all manner of various particular acts or sexual preferences under the heading of fetishes, there are several that are commonly enough reported by men as fantasies to warrant their inclusion here. While too numerous to list in any comprehensive fashion, they include for example such garden-variety deviations from good old missionary style sex as, being tied up, having sex in public places, and rough sex.

Carried further, and acted upon, these sorts of fantasies are defined as 'deviant', in that they simply deviate from the normal, or statistically average sexual behavior. While only a certain small percentage of the population may engage in such activities as bondage, discipline or sadomasochistic behavior, many men, and women too do fantasize about these things to some extent.



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