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Sex Drugs and Alcohol The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Sex

In the 1960's, the motto "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" could be heard throughout campuses around the continent and was a socially acceptable way of life for young people. Sex and drugs went hand in hand. Now, more than 30 years later, have things changed? Not really. Alcohol and drug use is just as prevalent as it ever was, although perhaps the drugs of choice have changed. In any case, drugs and alcohol still affect sex and sexual behavior.

Alcohol has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. After a drink or two, many people claim that they feel more amorous. Often couples share a few drinks to get in the mood - a nice romantic dinner with a bottle of wine is frequently a prelude to sex. Why is this? Perhaps as we tend to be more relaxed, and less anxious about such things as problems at work or tasks we must accomplish; we are then able to direct our attention to one of our more basic needs.

So, is gin really a panty remover? Well, yes it probably is as another effect alcohol produces is liberation from your inhibitions. This may explain why so many inebriated people at bars go home with strangers they've just met. First of all, it is much easier to approach a pretty girl after a few drinks, and if she talks to you, it becomes much easier to invite her over to your place. In turn, on her part, if she is a little drunk, the chances of her accepting your offer are increased significantly over a situation wherein she was sober. Alcohol makes people throw caution to the wind and say "Why not!" In fact, most people that have fairly conservative values can usually think of at least one instance where they have had sex with an unsuitable partner because they were drunk, when they otherwise would not have. When we drink, we seem to loose our rationality and operate on a more primal level.

The other key factors in the link between alcohol consumption and sex are simple but important ones. Alcohol makes us confident. When you are under the influence you feel invincible! People that are confident are more attractive to the opposite sex and therefore have an easier time finding sex partners. Because we feel so confident when we have been drinking, the other related illusion we deceive ourselves with is that our actions will have no consequences… for if we are invincible, there can't possibly be any negative consequences as a result of our actions.

Some drugs are also considered sexual stimulants. Marijuana is often thought of as a "love drug" and is widely thought to make people feel more amorous than usual. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that pot helps you to relax and also for many people heightens general awareness. For women to achieve orgasm, it is essential that they are relaxed, so some women claim that they have an easier time reaching climax with the use of this drug. Smoking grass also puts most people in a good frame of mind and consequently most people claim that they feel happy and generally content while using this drug. It also can heighten the sensations of touch all over the body. This said, it is no wonder people feel that marijuana may be considered as a sexual enhancer.



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